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We've been with REMO ever since and use heads that we feel bring out the full potential of the shell underneath. We know everyone has their own preference, so if you wish to use your own choice of heads, you can send them to us and we'll mark off a piece of your price. 

Our toms are equipped with clear Pinstripes on top and clear Ambassadors on the bottom, snares with coated Ambassador top and Hazy Ambassador reso heads, kick drums with P3 batter heads. Coated Emperor batter heads can be put on as well. 

Bassdrum Reso Heads

There are three types of reso heads for your bass drum to choose from in the basic configuration. Those three designs are available in white, clear, black or as fyberskin version for a small markup.

Every BD reso head comes with a 5" mic port hole in chrome, black or gold.

Custom Bassdrum Reso Heads

You want your band logo or personal artwork on your BD head? Sure! Here are some examples.

Lit Up Reso Heads

Make your kick head light up on stage with our Lit Up Reso Heads. Available in single color or RGB controlled version.

The lights are wired through a XLR connector attached to the shell.

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