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How To Order

LB Drums are generally made to order, nonetheless we also sell Ready To Ship drums through our webstore.

You want to order a custom made kit or snare from us? Great! Let us tell you how it works:

  • Step1:  Take your time to browse through all our Options and gather some ideas for your build

  • Step2:  Check our price list to see if your have appropriate budget

  • Step3:  Fill out the form below and tell us what you're looking for. Try to be as precise as possible. If you have no idea: No problem! Let us make some suggestions.

  • Step4:  Wait for us to review your request and get back to you with a quote and some inputs/ideas

  • Step5:  If you like we'll set up a date here in our shop or via skype etc.

  • Step6:  Once we settled for a price, you'll need to put down 50% to start production

  • Step6:  Give us the time to complete your order as soon as possible

  • Step7:  After completion, we'll charge you with the second payment and prepare your drums for shipping or pick up

Quote  Request

We try to reply to all messages as soon as possible, thanks for your patience.


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