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Frequently Asked

Why should you choose LB Drums?
Ok, let's be honest: there's no reinventing the wheel and history has shown that already half a century ago mankind has figured out ways to make stunning sounding drums. We are not claiming to be the best or the most innovative, in fact, we learn new things all the time and regularly find ways to make our products even better. BUT: if you are looking for something special, built to your exact specs, handmade with precision and passion by people who know what they are doing and what you need and more importantly what you don't need in your instrument. LB Drums is for you.

Can I visit you for a consultation before ordering my drums?
Absolutely! We encourage all our clients to come by, see some samples, test the drums and get to know us. Usually a first visit takes about 2h. Please respect that we can only accommodate you if you are seriously looking into purchasing a kit or snare from us.

Can I come and work on my own drums?
If you like we can arrange for you take part in the final assembly of your drums. Some clients prefer us to show them how to properly tune their kit and want a glimpse behind the scenes when taking the final pictures.

Are you making your own shells?
We are proud to offer a wide selection of shells developed over many years of testing. All our wood shells are made to our exact specs by a family owned carpentry not so far away here in europe. More about our shells.

How can I pay?
We prefer bank wire transfers as payment method. Smaller amounts can be paid via PayPal. In our webstore we also have credit card as a payment option.

Can I order hardware and cases along with my drums?
Yes, we are proud to be an official DW Hardware and HARDCASE dealer and sell stands and cases to our customers all the time. We'd be happy to supply what ever you need.

Will you sell me some shells, lugs etc. for my own project?
Unfortunately no. But with only a tiny bit of effort you will find many suppliers of drum parts on the internet.

Do you ship worldwide? What's the freight cost?
Of course! Shipping cost and tax will vary depending on your location. We will give you an exact shipping quote when ordering and always try to pack efficiently to keep freight cost as low as possible. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to calculate your countries applied tax and customs fees.

You hiring?
We recieve many applications of interested and sometimes very talented folks who want to come and work for us. Unfortunately we are a small two people business and are currently not looking for new staff.

How long will it take for my drums to be made?
Depends mainly on the size and complexity of your order and parts availabillity. We make a rough call of up to 6 months, but usually ship faster. It is in both ours and your interest to produce as fast as possible, but encourage our clients to stay patient along the way, for us to do the best job. If you are in a rush or have a tour/studio booking scheduled, please let us know and we'll try to make it work.

Can I get endorsed by LB Drums?
This is for you!

What does LB stand for?
Long ago we decided to keep this one a secret. Not even our dearest artists know. Over the years we made so many jokes about it and find it extremely amusing to see the letters on such big stages with no one having the slightest clue of their meaning. Many people came up with the wildest attempts and we challenge you: Try to make us laugh and we'll send you a free sticker pack or even a shirt if we liked your shot.

Anything else you'd like to ask? Never hesitate to get in touch with us.

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