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The most important decision you will make to determine how your drum will sound. We offer many different shells and even more different materials to choose from.

We've put years into curating our shell selection, constantly refining cunstruction and wood sourcing.

Our standard shell since 2015 is the LB MBM shell, everything else is considered an upgrade and will mark up the price of your drum. However there's a reason why we trust so much in this basic shell concept: it is the most versatile and full sounding shell we've ever made and is by many drummers referred to as the LB Sound. If you are into a different shell or material, we'd be happy to provide what ever you need to get the job done.

All our wood shells are made by a family owned carpentry not far from here to our exact specifications. Acrylic shells are from the US or China. Metal shells can come from anywhere in CH, EU, US or Taiwan.


LB Classic


Our flagship.

Made from 2plies of US maple and a 3ply EU birch core. Re-rings cut from the same shell add stability to this fairly thin shell. It will produce a warm, controlled and versatile sound with huge low end and the perfect amount of projection.

Formerly called LB Premium.

Custom shells made from maple, birch, beech, cherry, ash, mahagony, bubinga and more. Any ply configuration, any size. Choose exactly what's right for you.

Definition and punch.

Acrylic shells are well known for their attack, projection and, of course, their unique look. We offer both welded and seamless shells.



Custom Concept

Best of multiple worlds.
Maybe you want the sustain of a maple shell but the attack and ping from aluminium edges? Or combining acrylic with maple is your perfect match. What ever combination you have in mind, we'll marry it for you.. 

Aluminium, brass, bronze, steel, copper. Rolled and welded, deep drawn, spun or thin with wood re-rings. We've got it all.

You wanna go wild or simply want something else?

Stave, steambent or segmented construction?

Second shell in your snare? Chamber shell? Splitted? Top and bottom in two different sizes? We are ready to try out what we haven't already.

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