No compromise: Your drums get the best fittings, hoops, mounts out there. 

We know how 100% reliable some components need to be when you are out there on the road, so we're paying extra attention to crucial parts: Bassdrums come with heavy duty, spring-loaded spurs and unlike most of the industry we use 12.5mm heavy duty floortom legs to make sure your floortoms stay where they are and don't wobble.



Bassdrum Claws


Mounts: A topic we love to talk about! If you are the player who is seeking the maximum amount of isolation, Gauger Mounts are for you. These space grade aluminium isolation mounts are extremely lightweight and adjustable, we truly love them. Using the L-Rod ball joint system to attach RIMS to your stands or rack, you will never have the frustration of not having the right tooth when tilting. 

Snare Parts

All snares we made since 2008 come with a TRICK Multistep throw-off with 4 different tension settings. These throws are real workhorses. Made from CNC machined aluminium they are extremely robust and never fail. By turning the knob on top you can adjust tension every quarter turn where it holds in place and won't loosen with time. 

20 strand snare wires with phosphor bronze plates are standard for our snares. Those particular wires in our opinion produce the best buzz frequencies with not being too snappy. We attach our wires with high-end parachute cord, not plastic strips.

Hardware Finishes

When ordering an LB Kit or snare you get to choose chrome, black-chrome and gold hardware within the basic price. But is this already it? We say NO. Over the years we developed many different ways to change the look and feel of your hardware. Powder coating, weathering, hydro dipping, plating. Pictures just show one example of many color choices.