With the family since 2015-02-18

Michael Dreilich


Bandpage: Facebook

Shell: 14x8 8ply maple w/ 8ply re-ring, flat ivory paintjob, custom BLACOUT PROBLEMS badge, streamline lugs

About Michael:
Drumming Since The Age Of 
8. Had lessons for 10 years.
Three Words To Describe Myself
Ambitious, balanced, clumsy
What I Do When I'm Not On Stage
I just recently started giving drumming lessons, which i find very interesting and helpful. I also do all of the deliveries of my bands web shop and i am co-owning MUNICH WAREHOUSE, a fairtrade clothing brand.
Favourite Food
Vegan Dürüm from Erbil (Royal Wheaty Kebab House Munich) & everything from Café Ingnatz in Munich 
Favourite Beverage
Alcohol: Gin Tonic, Moscow Mule, Becks    
No Alcohol: RedBull, Wasser, Paulaner Spezi
Biggest Musical Influences
So many! Chronologicaly: Lars Ulrich, Chad Smith, Travis Barker, Dave Grohl, Aaron Gillespie, Aaron Spears, Thomas Pridgen…
Top Three Albums
Queens Of The Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf
Underoath – Lost in the Sound Of Seperation/Define The Great Line
Blink 182 – Enema Of The State