Become A Family Member

We offer endorsements to certain types of bands. If you are interested in becoming part of the LBdrums family, send a request mail including your bio, links, music, pictures and other stuff you want to show us to info(at)
Most important: include a message in wich you let us know, what kind of drums you are looking for, what budget you have and why we should endorse you. Tell us what you have to offer in exchange to a special endorsement deal on LB Drums.

Some things are important to know when applying as an LB Artist:

  • Endorsers generally don't get drums for free. Every instrument is handcrafted with expensive materials and therefore has a value, we're not able and willing to just give away. All our artists pay for their instruments. The price depends on factors like touring and media appearance.
  • Please spare the paper and CD's etc. included in promotional kits - send us your endorsement request as described above via e-mail. The environment and we will thank you.
  • The budget you inscribe is crucial for your request. We generally reject and will not reply to requests with no, or disproportional budget. Don't expect kits under 2000 euros, snares under 500 if you are not a professional or semi-professional musician. 
  • A cooperation in form of an endorsement brings rights, but also responsibilities.
  • You have to be at least 18 years of age or older to apply as an artist.