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Welcome to LB Drums

LB Custom Drums is an independent drum manufacturer owned and run by the Vetsch brothers in Zürich Wiedikon, Switzerland. 

In a time where a mass produced kit for little money is just one click away and at your doorstep in no time, LB Drums sets out to bring personality back into the instrument trade. 

Over the years many drummers from all genres and skill levels put their trust in us to make their dream kit or snare reality.


As experienced craftsmen, drummers and former touring technicians we know exactly what makes an exceptional piece of equipment that will not only perform flawlessly every night, but outlast your musical journey and eventually turn into a legacy. Combined we gather over two decades of experience in the business.


A key to our success lays in our utmost attention to high-quality components and a constantly expanding selection of curated options. What makes LB Drums as unique as each one of our drums, is our exclusive shell production. We're giving you the freedom to choose exactly what type of shell you want, depending on what is best fitting to your sound and play style. We guarantee our instruments produce a well rounded, versatile, studio quality sound while being easy to tune and handle.


We take just as much pride in building our custom tailored drum kits and snares as in our long lasting relationships with our clients. „Nothing plays like a custom made kit with a fresh set of heads on“ a friend and yearlong customer once told us and we believe this to be 100% true. 


Browse our portfolio and get in touch with us today if you are ready to make your first move towards a completely new drumming experience. We’d be happy to take good care of you.

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