Welcome to LB Drums.

We are the Vetsch brothers and manufacture high-end custom drums in W├Ądenswil by the lake of Zurich, Switzerland. Driven by our passion for music and handcrafting we strive to provide our clients from all over the world with the best instruments, combining state of the art craftsmanship and design. Our drums will take your breath away by their fantastic sound and look with most attention to detail. 

SOUND COMES FIRST has always been our philosophy. Over the years we have tried out countless materials and combinations in order to give you the best service on shell science and sound characteristics, as well as a wide range of shells to choose from. We are very proud of having our own shells made here in Europe, giving you the freedom to take precise influence on the way your drums sound.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions and fill out our quote request form for an individual offer on your very own custom drumkit or snare. We'll be very happy to send you a quote and make ordering your dream drums a true experience in a fun and familiar environment.