Terms and Conditions

VETSCH creative's brand LB Drums functions as work shop for drum building and selling drum accessories. These terms and conditions administer all buying contracts between the VETSCH creative company and its customers. Agreements which vary from these Terms and Conditions are only binding when specified and held in written form.


All prices of VETSCH creative are binding and excl. sales tax. The offered prices may, if additional expanses occur, vary from the final bill.

When ordering, 50% of the offer are to be payed in advance, the remit at the moment of delivery. On receipt of the down-payment these terms and condition are accepted.

Within 30 days, the customer may object against the final bill in written form. In case of payment or expiry of the 30 days, the contract on sides of VETSCH creative count as unreservedly fullfilled.

In case of payment delay by the customer, he will be in default after 30 days without further notice and may be charched 5% default interest.

In the unfortunate case of a retreat from the contract, the initial payment will be used to cover the expanses made. If there's a remit it will be refunded. Materials from these expanses stay with the VETSCH creative.  Expansions of the deadline are not a permitted reason to retreat from the contract, neither are dissatisfaction of the product by the customer.


Generally, Wädenswil is the place of delivery. The VETSCH creative Company does ship worldwide.  The expanses may vary due to sizes and are fully payed by the customer.


Due to the individuality of the components used to make our drums, we don't allow returns of the crafted goods.


VETSCH creative does not account for any damage through inadequate treatement or transportation through others.

Stand of court is Wädenswil/Zürich.