Ordering Info

Ordering Procedure
Ordering an LB kit or snare is very easy:

STEP 1 - Choose your options from the drum-infos section
STEP 2 - Check our pricing list and see if your dream drum is in your budget
STEP 3 - Send us a quote request with a detailed description of the custom-kit or snare you're looking for

As soon as we recieved your quote request we will get in touch with you rightaway with an individual offer. From there we will discuss how we can make your drum come true.

If you agree to a quote, 50% of the offered amount must be payed up front. (some extras must be fully payed in advance). The second payment needs to be submitted before shipment.
With your payment, you confirm to have read and accept our terms and conditions.

After recieving your first payment we will start the building process with no delay.
For payment we prefer bank wire transfer. Smaller amounts can be payed by paypal as well. Please contact us for further information.

An odrer usually goes through in around 6 months. That's the time we need to organize your build and leaves us enough space to give it the attention it deserves. Sometimes it's less, in very few cases it takes longer. Delays can occur when for example certain components are hard to find, out of stock or labour on your order is intense.
We can't guarantee a delivery within our average deadline, but always try our best to get your order out of the door within 6 months from the first payment.

We ship for free within Europe!
Generally, all our prices do not include customs fees. Shipments outside of Switzerland can be charged with fees at delivery.
We also ship internationally. The shipping rate will vary responsive to size, weight and destination of the package.

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