What they say

 "I had the chance to play my new set at the Food For Your Senses Festival in Luxembourg only a few hours after I got it. All of the band; incl. techs und and of course me in the first place are totally happy with the kit (!!!...) You guys did a fantastic job and we can't thank you enough for this.

BASSDRUM: very defined clean sustain. Our engineer says he doesn't need no gates anymore. The sound is mighty and fat ...
TOM: warm and full tone. Comes clean and controlled - here aswell we need to gate it only to avoid soundcrossing not to control the sustain.
SNARE: very short and controlled tone, comes with a lot of punch. No annoying noises.
COMPLETE SET:  takes good hold, very characteristic and full modern "vintage" sound with top vintage look , best hardware quality! Wow - the throw-off and wires on the snare are top. The complete bandsound gaines transparence and definition. For now, big thanks and thumbs up from up here to the LB dream team!"

Peter Carstens / Turbostaat

"With LB Drums i finally found a reliable Partner that understands his craftmanship. Right from the first contact it was clear, these guys know what they are doing and where they want to go. With their detailed questions, all missunderstandings and doubts were eliminitated right away, so even somebody who doesn't exactly know how he wants his drum to sound, gets exactly what he needs. What i appreciate especially is their focus on quality for every little piece. You are never afraid to get inferior parts sold to you as custom. The guys watch over every detail and only work with professionals. Even the strainer is absolutely amazing and in Europe most probabely unique.
Also important to mention is that the guys are simply awesome. Right away you feel the friendly and familiar atmosphere that is characteristic for LB Drums. I can recommend LB to everybody that doesn't want an ordinary custom kit and values quality and sound."

Alex Wolfart / Massendefekt

"Hey Bros,
I just left the rehearsal room, set up and test played the kit.
So my feedback is: Unbelievably good! The sound is so great! The toms, dude! Really really good! I just changed the head on the snare into a Emperor X and now it sounds even better. Even with no moongel. Now I am just simply satisfied. I never played such a good sounding kit! Huge respect! And the look is also perfect. Turned out much more vintage than expected, with the wood and the fyberskin head, but it's timeless and exactly my thing!! Thanks again so so much! You seriously did a great job and it's simply something different to play your own kit that has not only been made for you, but you even know the people who made it!"

Nico Van Hamme / KMPFSPRT

"We just came out the studio and wow the kit sound just incredible, fat, awesome, low, loud, punchy! Everything. Dream. Nothing more to say!"
Frank Schophaus / FJøRT

"For four months now i’ve been a happy member of the LB Drums Family. Dan & Ron have built me pretty acrylic snare last year and I was a bit nervous when they handed the drum over to me in their shop. Right the next day we went out for a 9 day tour and i had the pleaseure of playing this beauty every night.

I am a very pragmatic drummer and don’t like to tune for hours - a fat drum head and a moongel, set all rods to the same tension and I got my dream sound. The 14x7 acrylic shell has great wire response and projects ghostnotes that you can clearly hear also live. This snare cuts through our loud band sound and has a fat low end, but doesn’t sound too agressive. You couldn’t record a second „St. Anger“ with it and that’s good like that !"
Tobias Zehnder / LYVTEN

"The first thing that catched my eye when i unpacked the awaited box from Zurich, was the workmanship. I had more conception in sound than in look so design blew me away! The snare just turned out awesome.
Then i had the pleasure of testing it at two shows. Me and my band were all amazed by the sound - i'ts excellent. Not to high, not to loud and with lots of attack.
I'm totally happy with what I got and I recommend LB Drums to anyone."

Pedro Rodriguez / Kafkas

"I had the opportunity to play the first rehearsal with my brand new drums. I'm really happy with the sound of the whole kit. I'm totally satisfied!"

Fabrice Marguerat / Favez

"I really liked the personal aspect about LB Drums. I had the possibility to visit the shop, look at all the finishes and materials and create, together with Ron and Dan, the perfect snare for me. With all those options, the decision wasn't easy, but the capable personal consultation helped me a lot. My snare not only looks better than i could have imagined it, it also sounds exactly the way i wanted. I'm very happy with the result and can only recommend LB Drums to everyone!"

 Flo Vogler / Alaska

 "The family! This is how LB Drums calls their artists. I have to say this brings it to the point. I had the possibillity to visit the shop and personally get to know the guys. It was like meeting old friends.
They took good care of my personal wishes and altough my idea of custom vents was an challenge, they made a great job with no hesitations. I had a lot of ideas and nonetheless they even came up with more details we could add, things i would have never thought of. The delivered product is a total blast!
I am absolutely excited with my snare and can only speak out my recommendations!
Thanks to LB Drums!"

Jan Militzer / Trueside

"When i first saw and played my new set I was blown away! The guys built me a kit pefectly matching my personal wishes and with a stunning and individual look. Working with Ron and Dan ist very pleasing and they made everything to fullfil my dream. Cheerz guys and keep up!!!"

Lukas Breitenstein / Groombridge

"What i liked most, when dealing with LB, was the personal and familiar service. They've put a lot of attention on my specific wishes and didn't let me down! My drum sounds exactly the way I wanted it and the look is TOP. I absolutely recommend LB to any drummer, because I am overall satisfied."

Philippe Mueller / Mimicry

"I am still completely stoked about the kit and a chill runs down my back each time I step in my room and see the drum kit of my dreams standing there.  I was really excited about the sound of the drums right away. It took me only half an hour to get the tension I wanted and since then had to do only minor changes since it doesn't seem to lose its tuning at all. And there is nothing else to say about the optics than its 100% what I imagined and represents my wildest drummer dreams. It definitely wasn't my last visit with you guys, because right from the start, I was really thrilled by your crazy drums, your great support, the super fast and reliable communication and finally, my dream kit of course!"

Thomas Berger / Seraphim

"What a wunderful thing: A drummer and a snare made exactly to his taste. Design aswell as Sound. the result of my LB snare blew me away rightaway and can be shown. I've never heard and played something such dynamic. The amazing sound and solid workmanship stand for the LB brothers.  But with the two it's not just about great drums, it's also about the interpersonal.  The corporate working for a good thing, that's what i appreciate most. Great drums, great people- that's what makes the difference!"

Sören Danielsmeyer / Choose Your Path

"Here at LB you find friends. In a familiar atmosphere you discust the details of your combination step by step. On stage it's the amazing combination of sound and look that let drumer's hearts beat faster!"

Fred Sagolla / UnPrepared

"I'm totally satisfied with how my snare turned out. I especially liked the open minded team and the suggestions. That made my decision a lot easier. I exactly got what i wanted and I'm also very satisfied with the handling. At this point I also want to thank you for your nice endorsement deal."

 Thomas Hugentobler / Escape From Sickness

 "Thanks to LB Drums for the awesome work. I just played my new kit for a couple of hours and it really pulls my pants down. The toms have a full sound with a brilliant resonance and when you hit the kick and the 18 inch floortom, it actually freezes down your back. For real guys, you are the best!!"

Dominic Müller / Independent

"Thanks to LB Drums, I have finally found the monster sound for my snaredrum. There were no limits set for designing my drum and they completely fulfilled my wishes!"

Luca Gratwohl / Prevail Over One's Horizon

"With a big range of possibillities LB planed the building process of my snare to my exact specifications and wishes. The process was assisted with a good working comunication. The result satisfies me with it's huge and powerful sound aswell as the unique and individual design!"

Markus Büchler / Independent

"A year ago i used to dream of such a kit. When I've found LB Drums I knew it could become reality. I met Ron, told him what I was looking for and he also brought in new ideas. I am stoked by LB Drums and can only recommend them to anyone. The quality of sound is top and you can get any wish realized."

Sven Reichmuth / Prison Planet

''Customization, quality, speed and satisfaction are for me the words to describe LB drums! I was very happy about the quality of work and that deadlines have been more than respected. Dan and Ron are wonderful and you can really count on them! Today I have the drum of my dreams that is fully customized!''

Alain Dumas / Cross Check

"Boom! The first time I played my Snare, I was up and away! With the guys' know how, we created a snare with no compromise. In the familiar LB atmosphere it was easy to work out the right design, which turned out perfect.Thanks to LB for the awesome snare! Keep it up Dudes!"

 Marco Schindler | Independent

"Whoever doesn't know LB Drums is missing out! At LB, you aren't just a customer but a member of a family, and thats how you are treated.
Allready when chosing the design and shell-materials the support you get is ace. Its simply exciting! You get right from the start, that the guys are in it with heart and passion. When my snare "finally" arrived i could test it at a show right away. Everybody was excited about the sound and the design. Never before did i have such a round and dynamic sound with a snare. The craftsmanship is up on top, its easy to tune and with the red LEDs, it catches quite some attention. There is just one better thing than a snare from LB Drums:
and thats a full custom kit from LB Drums!"

Tim Bremer / Tomorrow Never Knows