Drum Shells


Our Flagship
The only shell you’ll ever need, and the one you will fall in love with after the first hit. Full, warm sustain with a heap of low end but still with defined attack and projection. Made with 1 ply of maple on the in-/outside, a 3 ply core of birch and reinforced with rings cut from the exact same shell.
We’ve invested 5 years in the development of these shells and they set the standard as the best allrounder in our arsenal.

LB Premium

Our Long Term Friend
For the lovers of the 100% shell made from one specific wood we offer our reliable customer-approved LB Premium shells. They have set the standard for many years and we love them still.
Toms up to 13“ come in 6ply and bigger shells come in 7ply, all with no reinforcement-rings.
Available Woods:

  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Beech
  • Mahagony
  • Bubinga


The Industry Standard
Keller shells are a solid name in today's custom industry. They are very well made and consistent, that's why we offer them to you as an alternative to our LB shells. Keller shells are also used to make hybrid shells.


Heavy And Transparent
Shells made of acrylic have a very distinctive look and an even more distinctive sound. We tried a lot of different acrylic shells to find the ones we offer today. Some of them have a seam, some don't. Some come from the US, some are made in europe.


Best Of Both Worlds
We are specialized in Hybrid shell construction. These shells combine the sound characteristicts of different materials. Tightly glued into eachother, hybrid shells look amazing and offer you many design options.
Materials we can combine:

  • wood, acylic, metal

Snare Shells

Even if we're already offering a pretty wide range of different shells for your dream kit, we all know that snares are different and sometimes need a different shell to stand out. So we've put together a selection of special shells you can also choose from when it comes to the drums that have to cut through:

  • Wood
    Walnut, Cherry, Chestnut
  • Metal
    Aluminium, Black Beauty Shells, Brass, Titanium
  • Special Shell Constructions
    LB Double-Body, Multiple Ply Maple Shells (15, 20, 30), Steambent, Solid, Stave, Chamber

Reinforcement Rings

Reinforcement rings of different materials can be added to all our wood shells. They cut the sustain to a shorter and more controlled sound and stabilize thin drumshells.
*LB MBM Shells always come with reinforcement rings