Drum Heads

Remo Heads

All LB drums come with a set of REMO brand heads:

  • Toms: Pinstripe Clear or Emperor Coated batter heads / Ambassador Clear reso heads
  • Bassdrums: Powersonic batter heads
  • Snares: Abassador Coated batter heads / Hazy reso heads

LB Bassdrum Head

You get to choose from one of our three standard bassdrum front heads. All heads are available in black, white or transparent and come with a 5" port hole for easy mic access as well as a LB logo in your color of choice.


Fyberskin Bassdrum Head

Wanna go for a genuine vintage look and a very dry sound? All our standard LB bassdrum heads are also available as fyberskin version.

Custom Bassdrum Head

We can print any kind of graphic on your bassdrum fronthead. No matter if you want your band logo, a script or an all over artwork- everything is possible. We need your artwork in high resolution and in one of the common formats.

Lighted Bassdrum Heads

Bassdrum heads can be light through by using a built in led system. They are available in two versions: one colored or as RGB version with a wireless remote.

Bassdrum O's

You can add bassdrum O's to your bassdrum front head. These large holes increase the attack on your bassdrum and can be arranged in many different ways.

  • Sizes: 2", 4", 5", 6"
  • Colors: chrome, gold, black, white, red-metallic, blue-metallic