White-Ripple Wrap

We carry most of the famous standard wraps like glitters, pearls etc. They are very durable and easy to maintain.

Available Options:


Blood-Rust Satin Stain

Staining will color the wood while maintaining its beautiful grain. We handrub our shells with water-based stain colors and seal them with a satin laquer. For an additional charge all stained shells can be sealed with a high-gloss laquer.

We can mix every color stain for you.
Please get in touch with us for samples.


Brown-Zebra Satin Veneer

Different types of exotic or special wood-veneers can be applied to our shells and also stained. The selected outerply is pressed with the other plies of the shell in one process. All veneered shells also come standard with a satin finish. Just like our stained shells all veneered drumshells can be laquered with a mid- or high-gloss coat for an extra charge.

We work with different veneer suppliers.
If you're looking for a specific one we can probably get it.
Please get in touch with us to see pics of the available finishes.


Flat-Black Paintjob

Since 2015 we have our own paint booth allowing us to spray various paint jobs. We can do RAL solid colors as well as fades and custom graphics. All color-paintjobs can be done in a flat or glossy finish. The amount of labour needed for paint jobs is crucial for their finishing type and price.



Available Options:
(Colors may vary depending on your monitor)


Fluorescent-Green Acrylic Finish

Acrylic shells are available in many colors. Some of them are more transparent than others. Acrylic shells can mostly be light-through when we build in a LED system. Due to the transparency of these shells we can also work with the see-trough effect, by adding vinyl graphics and/or laquer splatters.



Custom Wrap

Custom Pearl Wrap Finish

This is the part where you can get really creative. Our custom laminate service gives you the choice from hundreds of colors applied to a solid base color or different types of patterns (f.ex. Pearls, Glitters, Sparkles etc.) along with custom graphics and/or fades. 


We can do this finish on almost all wood shells and with many different colors. It gives your kit or snare a completely worn down look. 


Oxidated Copper

LB Drums offers a small selection of exclusive copper finishes. This very delicate and extraordinary finish comes in a few different styles/patterns and make every drum a unique and excuisite piece of art.

Available Options: