Drum Extras

Offset Lugs

Offset lugs are adding a custom look to every drum. We can offset lugs in two different styles: 50/50 & 7/8 staggered.

Power Vents

Power Vents dramatically increase the sensitivity of your snaredrum and add an extra load of loudness. We highly recommend Power Vents only on shells with 15+ plies.

Custom Vents

We are able to cut vents in all different kinds of shapes. No matter if you want them to look like a gesket, a skull or diamond- we make it happen.
Custom vents have the same influence on your snaresound as power vents, depending on shape, size and quantity of vents.


There are a few options how we can illuminate your drums!

  • One colored
    white, warm white, red, blue, green
  • RGB with a Bluetooth controller for your Smartphone
  • RGB DMX controlled

Colored Washers

For a little more contrast on your drums, colored washers can be placed under your lugs.

Chop Block

A chop block comes in handy as another percussion element mounted on your bassdrum hoop. Cool feature made from thick maple plywood.

Extended Fronthoop

The hoop of your bass drum can be extended from 4.5cm to 9cm.

Bassdrum Miking System

Plug and play with our internal miking system for bassdrums. We install a small microphone stand inside your bassdrum that can be adjusted to your needs. A XLR connector built into the shell lets you plug the mic easily from the outside.

Super-Hoop Inlays

To specialize your standard super-hoops we can inlay every kind of wrap or veneer into the gap between the flanges.

Banana Rail

DW banana-rails can be attached to your bass drum for easy racktom mounting.