Standard LB Badges

There are three types of standard LB badges: Basic, Round, Contour
The basic price of your kit/snare includes one of those three badge types in your desired color.

Wood Badges

Wood badges simply have something different to them. They are very delicate to make, that's why they come as an upgrade.

Separate Name Badge

Your name on your drum! To absolutely personalize your drum we can put your name in any font on a seperate name badge.

LB / Name Badges

As an alternative to a seperate name-badge we can also engrave your name or bandname under the LB logo.

Custom Logo Badge

We can engrave your badges with almost every logo you might want.

Badge Accents

You can add a secondary color to all our badges with a badge accent. Accents can be made of veneer or wrap and are available in many different colors.