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LB Drums offers you a full variety of selected options to customize your own dream set or snare. You can choose from hundreds of shells, finishes, hardware and individual extras.
In the text below you will learn the most important things about our services.
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We offer a choice of selected shell types for you to choose from. These shell types have been put together to cover all the demands you might have and make your dream sound become reality. Our LB MBM shells are the standard for all wooden kits and are stocked in house. The thicker LB Premium shells can be made from different materials, are made to each order and therefore come at a slightly higher price.
All our shells have been developed over years with lots of testing, changing and testing and changing over and over again with the constant goal of finding the right balance between sound and quality. We pride ourselves with being fully in charge of our own shell production giving us the freedom to create our very own shell configurations, pressed by skilled craftsmen here in Europe.

The graphic below shows the differences between our shells when it comes to attack and sustain.

Bearing Edges

The Edges are crucial for the attack and response of the drum. We offer three standard Bearing Edges cut in house:

  • LB Standard 45°/rounded
  • Vintage 45°/rounded
  • Fully rounded

As a custom option we can also cut your very own edge to your exact specifications.


Your shells can be oiled, wrapped, veneered, stained, painted and anything else you can dream up. 
We divided our finishes into 5 FINISH TYPES which define their price range.


We use only the best hardware on the market and strive to give you a wide selection of parts to meet your personal taste. 

  • Our basic price includes hardware in chrome, black-chrome or gold
  • Most of the metal parts can be finished additionally with processes like powder coating or altering
  • All our racktoms come with the patented Gauger RIMS mount for perfect isolation and less weight
  • Floortoms and bassdrums come with extra heavy-duty parts for increased durability

Snare Parts

LB snaredrums feature great quality parts within the basic configuration for the best quality possible:

  • Trick throw-off with an integrated 4-step system and laser engraved LB logo 
  • 20string LB bronze wires 


We've been a long year partner of REMO drum heads.

  • Toms: Pinstripe Clear or Emperor Coated batter heads / Ambassador Clear reso heads
  • Bassdrums: Powersonic batter heads
  • Snares: Abassador Coated batter heads / Hazy reso heads

We also offer different bassdrum reso heads for you to choose from. All bassdrum reso heads come with a 5" port hole for easy mic access.