With the family since 2014-02-18

Tobias Zehnder


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Shell: 14x7 acrylic, frosted clear
Upgrades: gold hardware, lights

About Tobias:
Drumming Since The Age Of

Three Words To Discribe Your Person
Hungry, helpful, harmonious
What I Do When I'm Not On Stage
Practice, spend time with my love, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, mountainbiking, selling swiss army knives from monday-friday
Favourite Food
Italian, thai, knödel
Favourite Beverage
Water, beer, almdudler
Biggest Musical Influences 
Bands (chronological): Iron Maiden, Pantera, Nirvana, NOFX, Poison The Well, Converge, Isis, Modern Life Is War, Interpol, The Faint, Architects, Defeater…
Drummers: Dan Searle (Architects), Joe Longobardi (Defeater), Elmar Stadelmann (Sinoma), Matt Mcguire
Top Three Albums
At The Drive In - Relationship Of Command
Daughter - If You Leave
Converge - You Fail Me