With the family since 2010-07-21

Patrick Boog


Bandpage: Website

Shells: 22x20, 12x8, 16x15 6ply & 7ply birch, flat-black paintjob
Upgrades: neon-green powdercoated lugs, black-chrome hoops
Shell: 14x6.5 10ply maple, flat-black paintjob
Upgrades: neon-green powdercoated die-cast hoops, black-chrome mini-tube lugs

About Lukas:
Drumming Since The Age Of 
Three Words To Describe Myself 
In Your Face
What I Do When I'm Not On Stage 
traveling, go to concerts and festivals, hanging out with friends, eat, getting drunk
Favourite Food 
spare ribs and all the dope BBQ shit
Favourite Beverage 
all belgian beers
Biggest Musical Influences 
José Pasillas II (Incubus),  Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), Tiny Bubz (former drummer) (HED PE), Brad Wilk (RATM)
Top Three Albums
Deftones – Adrenaline
HED PE – Only in Amerika
Hacktivist – Hacktivist