With the family since 2010-02-04

Normen Zutter


Bandpage: Myspace

Shells: 22x20, 12x8, 16x14 10ply & 8ply maple, red, green & blue sparkle
Upgrades: Die-cast hoops, gauger mounts, 50/50 offset lugs, custom bassdrum head, custom clyde badge on 12" mount
14x6 white glitter acrylic, blue-candy powder coating, 7/8 offset baltimore lugs, silver mirror stars

About Normen:
Drumming Since The Age Of

Three Words To Discribe Your Person

loony with character
What I Do When I'm Not On Stage
read books, travel, waiting for christmas, zombies, twitter @NormTNC
Favourite Food
nachos, twinkies
Favourite Beverage
Gatorade "Fruit Punch"
Biggest Musical Influences
Face To Face
Top Three Albums
The Ataris  - End Is Forever
Fenix TX - Fenix TX
Face To Face - Don't Turn Away

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