With the family since 2011-08-08

Julien Hohl


Bandpage: Facebook

Shells: 22x20, 13x9, 16x15 8ply maple w/ reinforcement rings, flat-black paintjob
Upgrades: Gauger cycle- & floortom-mount, black-gloss powder coating, DW brackets on floortom-mount
Shell: 14x6 clear acrylic
Upgrades: gold hardware, double-ended tube lugs, gold LB-badge

About Julien:
Drumming Since The Age Of
22, starting with the band PLUS GUEST, my current band as well
Three Words To Discribe Your Person
Excentric, responsible and I work very hard. I’m used to run people and projects, help the people in their projects. That’s my way of life.
What I Do When I'm Not On Stage
I Run Deaf Rock Records Label Company and manage bands (Tour or office).
Favourite Food
All kind of Italian Food. Well prepared Pasta in general make me crazy.
Favourite Beverage
Iced Tea for soft, Jaegerbomb for Alcohol.
Biggest Musical Influences
Blink 182 since the age of 16, but I’ve also evolved through Classical music, Hip Hop and Indie Rock Music. I’m really into The Strokes Albums.
Travis Barker as a musician is really dope!
Top Three Albums
Blink 182 – Self Titled
Bob Dylan – Freewheelin’
The Strokes – Is this it