Featured Artist

Julien Hohl

Colt Silvers

With the family since 10.8.2011

Julien has always been one of our companions through out the years. We will never forget the moment he first  put a foot in our shop in 2011. He sat there with a tight Fred Perry Polo, red Vans Eras and a moustache that could not have been pointier. He talked about his new label and ambitions. It clicked right away. We saw our potential and supported each other wherever possible. Today lots of it stayed the same and lots of it changed. His label Deaf Rock Records has become one of the most important adresses in french indie music and we had the pleasure to built two kits and three snares for him and his studio.

Frank Schophaus


With the family since 11.2.2015

Frank is one of the nicest people you can imagine. We got along very well right away. There's no better way to start a friendship. He is probably also the hardest hitting drummer in our roster and we can honestly say, if our drums withstand his drumming, they will withstand anything. FJØRT has been going through the roof with their second album KONTAKT and they are famous for their powerful sound and shows. The idea was to create a kit that will deliver the needed low end, but can still cut through.

Lukas Breitenstein


With the family since 21.7.2010

The partnership between us and Lukas is one of the longest in our brand history. You could say it simply clicked when we first met and he always suprises us with new designs, that we wanted to do anyways or truly like. We connect on many levels, also creatively. Just like that we've been honored with building a few great looking and sounding drums for him and his band Groombridge, one of the most talented experimental post-rock bands in Switzerland. 

Lukas, you've been an LB artist for several years. What is it that you like in particular about the partnership and what has changed since the beginning?
Yeah, I've been playing my LB Drums for almost six years now. Everything started with this. I like the most the chilled out and easy way of working together. Since I don't live around the corner, we don't get to see each other a lot. Non the less you guys do all you can to make me happy with every new order. And in the end, I always got an awesome product. Changed hasn't much. I am still being advised very good and if I need something, I allways get what i imagined.

What do you think distinguishes LB Drums from others?
LB Drums is just not the "big fucking company", but Ron and Dan who have born a baby and keep doing their thing with vigor and passion. You can always feel that. You as a drummer get treated with a lot of amiability and you have the feeling, that my dream instrument is yours as well! Of course the endless possibilities of options is a very particular feature. You can get your drum built and don't have to limit yourself in any detail.

As the drummer of Groombridge, you had a lot of great experiences. Among others you toured China. What is it that keeps you going?
My love for music is a strong motor and that I can share this with many different people. I do it with my drumming and let others enjoy (hopefully) our sound. Without others, who feel about music the same way I do, I probably wouldn't have such a drive.

Your band sometimes does quite some experimental music with a lot of effects. How does this change your job in comparison with a "straight forward" band?
In the end I don't think that my job is so different from others. I need to support our songs by my drumming and do the best for the song and therefore the whole band. With our sound, it's never about me being the center of attention and showing off what I can, but that the whole package is coherent. Our sound does allow me to be experimental with my drumming which wouldn't work in other genres. Especially in the electronic part I can experiment a lot and, at least I think, bring some more dimensions to the sound. But if I look around, I am by far not the only one doing so. But it's this extra dimension that fascinates me the most as drummer.

How does Groombridge write their songs?
In the beginning of our band everything went as usual. One of us brought a song into the band and we tinkered with it in our rehearsals until a proper song came into being. Today it's a totally different thing. Most of the time one of us has an idea and records some guitar lick or a synthy track at home. Then keeps on working on it himself or others of the band do so until we got a song. In the end we usually get the bass player and me to record the bass line and rhythm section. All our current songs from the album "boy from the golden city" came to be like this.

Do you like being on tour?
I love it!!!Do you have time at all to rehearse?Right now we rehearse three times a week and additionally I rehearse two to three times a month with another band. Like that I get a lot of band play time. For myself, I don't really rehearse that much. But I do have stages where i rehearse quite regularly.

In your opinion, whats the most important about a drum sound? How do drums need to sound like?
I learned over the years that my perception of good drum sound constantly changes. Right now I would say that the bass drum needs to sound fat and powerful. I love it when you literally can feel the breeze when hitting and feel how the reso head flutters. Snare wise, right now, i like a short and crisp but still round bodied sound. Floor tom is about the same as bass drum. Just needs to be fat!

Your life: digital or analog?

IOS or Android?
IOS, but sometimes annoyed as hell.

What inspires you?
Music, nature, people. Basically all influences that I experience every day.

What did you do different on this album than usual?
With this record and the last I didn't have time to rehearse songs for weeks and think about what to play. Since I was recording, when a song was done, I just played. For me, this was a great experience. Somehow there isn't much space for experiments so you need to get to the point quite quickly. On the other hand I experimented a lot with different sounds. Sometimes i just love it to put a Chick-a-chik on a cymbal, or a towel on a snare. There are so many possibilities to work on sound and create new ones.

If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, which one would that be?
I would die after just one day! But if I'd have to decide, then right now it would be Circles from Incubus.

How does your dream kit look like?
I am still extremely happy with my first kit. I still like the color so much and the newest snare is simply stunning. So right now there is no wish to get a new drum. But I'll get myself built one sometime in my life. I would really dig a milky white acrylic drum with golden hardware. I always wanted one of these.

If you could redo a something in your life, what would that be and why?
Nothing! That doesn't mean that everything went perfect. I am ever conscious that I could have done things better. But in the end I would still be at a point, where I would say: There is always something you could do better/different.

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Max Bruns


With the family since 16.8.2012

Light Your Anchor took over the european post-hardcore scene like a storm. They came up on our radar soon after they released their first EP and when we heard that they are looking for a replacement drummer we wanted to get to know this guy. That's how we came together. Max is a friendly young fella who loves the gym as much as drumming and we are happy he plays his 4pc LB Kit with the same passion we've put into the build.

How and why did you start a collaboration with LB Drums?
LB reached out to me through our management with the idea of an endorsement. Generally I place great value on quality and support. But first I enquired with other drummers endorsed by LB about how happy they are with their kits and tested some drums myself. I was convinced right away and am happy to be part of the LB family ever since. With my set I am more than just happy! 

How did you start drumming?
It all started with pots in the kitchen. After some time my mother wasn’t too happy with me denting all her pots so I got my first drum. At the age of six I was given my first proper but cheap drum kit and started taking lessons. 

How much does music matter in your life?
Music gives me support and accompanies me through every mood. I can’t imagine my life without music. My dad is a musician so music was part of my life since pretty much my birth. Of course did my taste in music change over the years but something I can say for sure: I can’t and won’t imagine my life without music. 

How did you and Light Your Anchor got together?
In 2012 some friends of me pointed me towards LYA because they were looking for a new drummer and I contacted them through Facebook. At first I got refused because they already had someone on board. After 1-2 months they reached out to me if I still would be interested. We did some rehearsing together (although not perfect) but I was in on trial. I was only 16 back then. This of course posed some problems since I wasn’t mobile and always dependant on others. But in the end it really fit and now I am happy and proud to be the drummer of “Light your Anchor”.

What is the best thing about being a musician?
Playing shows and writing songs, definitely. It’s never ceases to make me happy seeing people like our music. It’s no less fun to rehearse with the boys and write new songs. 

You released a new album this year. What are your thoughts on it?
Yes, we did. There are many fast parts and compositions on the record that are new and unknown for Light your Anchor. In general, the songs (in my opinion) are a lot more mature than on our debut album “Hopesick”. We invested lots of time into song writing and played the songs over and over again in the studio, until we were 100% satisfied.

What are the benefits of a collaboration with LB Drums? Interpersonally, regarding gear etc.?
Mainly fun and progress. I got to meet a lot of awesome people and good drummers over time. Regarding the gear there is nothing to complain about. LB Drums built me a 1A drum set and were mindful of every little special request I had. I own my kit now for around two years and the sound remains excellent. I have played many shows and was on tour with the kit and there are no dents or wears whatsoever. 

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