The Vetsch Brothers

The Vetsch brothers Dan & Ron were both born in the 80's in Zurich, Switzerland. Raised in Wädenswil by the lake of Zurich they soon discovered their passion for music always listening to their mothers records from the 50's and 60's including Dean Martin, The Beatles and Elvis. Not coming from a very musical family both convinced their parents to let them learn an instrument in their early lives. While Ron always had a flair for the sound and looks of drums, which he started learning to play around the millenium by himself, Dan first picked up guitar and later on started to learn the basics of drumming.

Today both Dan and Ron live in Zurich but still feel a strong connection to where they spent their childhood. That's why they founded and kept their business in Wädenswil. Today lots of musicians from all over europe take on a drive to visit the two in their workshop near the place where both fell in love with music for the first time.

Meet Ron

"I am obsessed with drums. It's what my life is all about, my passion."

What I do in LB Drums
I do most of the woodworking and crafting in general. I am also in charge of lots of the customer service as well as A&R work.
My favourite part about LB Drums
I love all of the crafty work. Prepping shells, cutting shells and edges.. The assembly. Seeing an idea become reality is still the most exciting moment.
Other interests outside LB Drums
Playing in my band KRANK, squash, music in general, art & illustration, FREITAG
What sets my brother apart
His absolute loyalty and urge for knowledge.
My favorite artists
There's so much good music! Turbostaat, The Smiths, Colt Silvers, Kettcar, Band Of Horses, Heartsounds, Phoenix... I could go all night with this list. I also dig Pop Music from the 70's and 80's.

Meet Dan

"Drums and life are pretty alike. It's the vibe and rhythm that writes the music."

What I do in LB Drums
I organize things, care about bureaucracy and am LB's designated driver. When building drums, I do lots of wrapping, layouts and assembly.  
My favourite part about LB Drums
The excitement in our customers. Bringing their fantasy into being and give them something they so much desire never ceases to touch me. 
Other interests outside LB Drums
Movies (god, I love a good movie), surfing, urban gardening, cooking a good meal, reading books, learning new things about everything 
What sets my brother apart
His unbreakable drive for life and his passions. His creativity and ability to inspire people around him. 
Favorite music
Where do I start ? I really like lots of music from Mothers Finest, The Trammps to Toto and The Police – 90s NY Hip Hop like Masta Ace or electro funk like Deluxe are amongst the modern ones. Also funky dance music from the 70’s and the 80’s.