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Need To Know

If you purchase a LB kit or snare there's one big promise we make you: You will get the best instrument we can possibly make. Even the basic config consists of the best components available. We know what drummers want and what makes their job easier.

Our shells are made by a carpentry not far from here. We've been keen to find a wide selection of the right shells to cover whatever sound you have in mind.


Our flagship, the LB Sound.

4.5mm thick with reinforcement rings installed.

North american maple with a european birch core.


Beefy and transparent.

We source great quality, hardened, acrylic shells with our without seams.


Classic 100% wood shells.

6ply toms, 7ply bass drums.

Available woods:

Maple, birch, beech, mahagony, bubinga.


The best of both worlds.

Marry the shells you like to combine their unique characteristics.


Your shells, your way.
Completely custom made to your specifications.

Any wood, any ply.